in the moonlight

reflection of
solid red glow
in the cracked
scratched glass
sitting up in sweaty
and dry throats
quenched by stale
mineral water

linen sheets
breathing over
naked legs and
soft corners
and lines
of pink skin
chest heaving
still trapped in the
locked in that embrace
that has no words
it has no moment

no defined time
or feeling
yet vague

the sweet smell
of love and bodies
twisted in knots
that go on forever
deep sighs and
closed eyes
stealing wanted kisses
and glances

between puffs of smoke
in the silence
the mirror
beaming moonlight
giving us enough
to light the next cigarette

to catch the life in our eyes
as we laid
hand in hand
billowing and sipping
loving and silent


unfinished poem

short beats
of muscle and tone
timed with intense
rhythm and volume

long sighs
of breath and soul
worried with quiet
thoughts and wrinkles

empty songs
of noise and pain
taken with absolute
hate and anger

summer rain.

out in the day
squinting eyes
and thick heat
on naked necks

clouds in the far
dark and wet
filling the expanse
with its journey

soon they meet
a cool rush of air
rumbles and ozone
take relief in each other

low rumbles
and lines of quick light
wet and hot
humid and raining

Sunday Morning.

quiet love
draped in deep sighs
and cigarette smoke
eyeglasses and
cold coffee

long days in bed
newspaper on the floor
ashtray full
baggy shorts
on the floor

calm brain
no need for thought
just breathing
and loving
holding onto the sheets

talking in pauses
between long drags
and sips
white cotton
worn like a uniform

the memories flow
and fill the room
billowing and stinging
then fading into


the red flows
out of slits in
carefully manuvered
and slices

the release
rushes up from
toes and fingers
feeling the loss

against the grain
solid lines
inside frail skin
leaning against
cold white

wet and afraid
but feeling the
calm and end
seeing less
and taking nothing